Metal industry : Cutting fluids

Cutting fluids

Cutting fluids means cutting lubricants, cutting emulsions, cutting oils, coolants and water-soluble cutting fluids. Cutting fluids are complex products containing many ingredients. They are particularly designed to allow the optimal machining of metal parts under extreme conditions such as friction, heat and high rotation speeds. Cutting fluids must remain stable despite these mechanical constraints, and have to last a long time. They contain many additives in order to achieve that. Emulsifiers are detergents that are aggressive for the skin. Other additives, such as anti-corrosion agents, viscosity modifiers, antioxidants, preservatives, dyes and perfumes, can attack the skin and cause allergic reactions. Over time, cutting fluids degrade and become contaminated with particles such as dust, metal filings, decomposition products, bacteria and pollutants. These alter their properties and their effects on the skin. Quality control is absolutely essential when using cutting fluids.