the gloves : European Standard (EN) and their pictograms

European Standard (EN) and their pictograms

Conformity with European directives is indicated by the CE logo and pictograms in the form of a shield. The European directives with regard to individual protection equipment (EPI) impose a precise system of tests and classification of protective gloves: the European standards indicated by the letters EN, for “European Norm”. The first of these standards is EN 420, which defines the general criteria to which protective gloves must conform.

The “open book” pictogram refers to information provided by the manufacturer, such as the name of the gloves, their size, their usage etc.

For certain risks, for example those connected with chemicals and mechanical risks, more specific standards are required to satisfy EN 420 : see following pages.

On gloves with the CE certification which offer high protection the following information is shown: the size, the manufacturer’s name, the name of the gloves, the standards of the tests which they have passed and their logos, the CE mark with the number of the organisation which has certified the glove.

Warning: the CE logo on its own is not a mark of quality, but indicates that the protective glove conforms to minimum requirements and that it can circulate freely in the European market.