the gloves : Compatibility with food: „Glass and Fork“ pictogram

Compatibility with food: „Glass and Fork“ pictogram

Regulation 1935/2004 and the European Directives 82/711 and 85/572 lay down certain rules relating to materials which come into contact with food.

They aim to prevent

a) dangerous substances contained in the composition of the protective gloves migrating into the food.

b) possible pathogenic micro-organisms on the surface of the skin contaminating the food.

Note : A protective glove can be suitable for contact with some foods and not with others !

In general, there are very few protective gloves which are compatible with all types of food. The use of the pictogram “glass and fork”, without more detailed information, does not constitute a sufficient guarantee that the protective glove is suitable for a particular type of food.

Some manufacturers provide tables showing the compatibility of protective gloves with different types of foods.

It should be noted that the declaration of food conformity issued by protective glove manufacturers is based on tests which are not subject to any checking by an independent organisation.